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Example of a portrait in oils painted

from a photograph


Portrait in Charcoal of Proffessor Green using VC


Example of a water colour portrait

painted from life

Portraits are undertaken on a commission basis.They can be in oil on canvas, water colour on paper, charcoal/conte chalk on cason paper.

A portrait in oil would ideally require two sittings of approximately 3 hours each, these can be by VC, plus time spent by Jenny in the studio working on the final painting. Cost small £850, medium, £1100 and large  £1,800


Watercolours and charcoal drawings would need two sittings of 2 hours  cost  £350. 


A non-refundable deposit of £100 for paintings, and £50 for watercolours and drawings. Final settlement on satisfaction of completed painting


Portrait in oil of Noel Fielding using VC

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